This is my Intraday analysis on EURUSD for 25 Mar 2024 W13 based on Smart Money Concept (SMC) which includes the following Time Frames:

  1. 4H
  2. 15m

4H Chart Analysis


  • Swing Bearish
  • INT Bullish / Continuation Phase
  • Swing Pullback Phase


  • After a BOS and iBOS we expect a Pullback.
  • As expected after the Bullish CHoCH and mitigation of 4H/Daily Demand zones, we initiated the INT Structure Pullback.
  • Price reached the 4H/Daily Supply and from there we could start the bearish continuation.
  • Price failed to continue the bearish move and as expected it changed bullish and created iBOS confirming Swing Low and Bearish Swing Pullback Phase started.


  • 4H Swing pullback phase still active with Internal Structure continuing bullish with a new iBOS.
  • After iBOS we expect a pullback. Price had reached the INT Structure Demand zone and created a Bullish CHoCH which indicates that the INT Pullback maybe over and we are currently targeting the Weak INT High. after which price failed to target the Weak INT High.
  • Current price indicate that we will have a deep 4H INT Pullback to maybe the 4H/Daily Demand zones before any continuation.


  • As expected, Price reached the 4H/Daily demand zone as referred to the deep INT Structure Pullback.
  • Price created a Bullish CHoCH at the INT Structure Extreme which is a sign that the deep pullback may ended and we could be in the Bullish move to target the Weak INT High.
  • More bullish price development on LTF is required to confirm the current expectations of continuation bullish.

15m Chart Analysis


  • Swing Bearish
  • Internal Bullish
  • Swing Pullback Phase


  • After the Bearish BOS we expect a Pullback.
  • After mitigating the 15m/4H Demand zones, INT Structure turned Bullish confirming the Swing Low and the Swing Pullback Phase started.
  • Expectations is set to for price to continue bullish till the Swing EQ/Premium to facilitate the Swing Pullback Phase.


  • Swing Extreme Supply zones on 15m nested within the 4H Supply for HP Swing Bearish Continuation.

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